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IntImacy Disorders

We have Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) who specialize in working with both addicts and partners of those struggling with sexual addiction.

Eating Disorders

Our team specializes in treatment of eating disorders including anorexia-nervosa, bulimia-nervosa, binge eating disorder, and compulsive exercise habits.


We are trained in trauma-focused methods including EMDR, somatic therapies, and experiential therapies; working with PTSD and dissociation.


We are passionate about working with individuals in order to help identify problems that are interfering with an optimal relationship with oneself and others. Our focus is on cultivating a safe space that yields vulnerability, authentic emotional expression, and a deeper connection to one’s true self and values.

Intimacy Disorders

Oftentimes individuals grow up in family environments that contribute to disruptive attachments with others. This leaves people searching for a way to fill this void, and love, sex, and relationships can become a maladaptive solution. Having an addictive relationship with sex and/or love can create chaos in one’s life and the lives of their loved ones. We specializes in working with sexual addiction, love/relationship addiction, partners of sex addicts, and couple’s therapy.

Eating Disorders

One’s relationship with food and their bodies begins at a young age and is often negatively impacted by their family of origin, culture, and social media. This contributes to negative beliefs about oneself that can influence food intake and exercise patterns.  Eating disorders negatively impact one’s sense of self and largely contribute to depressive symptoms and anxiety. We specializes in working with those struggling with all forms of disordered eating, exercise issues, and negative body image.


Pia Mellody defines trauma as, “anything less than nurturing caregiving.” We operates under this definition in our work with those struggling with trauma and PTSD. We specializes in helping individuals identify traumatic events and patterns and work through these memories using EMDR therapy, somatic therapies, and experiential modalities. We also specializes in working with complex PTSD and dissociative disorders.

Full Day Trauma Workshop: Healing Core Wounds Through Connection

“Trauma therapy is a MUST! I was so used to talking about all of my ‘stuff,’ that I was never able to work through the trauma. I learned that while I was talking, I wasn’t feeling. I had such a powerful experience with my psychodrama, and truly believe that if I had not worked on my trauma, I wouldn’t have been able to work through the negative things I was doing to cope.” –LM (Trauma Client)

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